Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Advance Tickets Save $$$!

 "Health, Beauty, & Fashion Expo 2012," 2:30-5:30
p.m., Saturday, Sept. 29, in Yemassee

Guests of "Health, Beauty, & Fashion Expo 2012!" are in for a number of
treats. Scrumptious food and desserts are just the beginning.

Chef Ann Fields of Stockbridge, Georgia, will prepare an exceptional meal
for program participants, who will gather at 23 Hamilton Place, Yemassee,
South Carolina. Fields owned and operated a catering and confectionery
business, Ann's Catering Company in Stanford, Connecticut,
for more than three decades.

The book club of Canaan Missionary Baptist Church in Sheldon, S.C., will
host a brief overview and discussion of author Terry McMillan's
best-seller, Getting To Happy. "Even if you haven't read the book, you'll
enjoy the discussion," said book club president Dianne Jackson.

Each segment of "Health, Beauty, and Fashion Expo 2012!" will open with
"Fireworks of Fashion," a high-energy extravaganza designed to highlight
"four seasons of fashion": White-Hot; Crazy, Sexy, Cool; Seasons of
Elegance; and Seasons of Glamour. Models will illuminate a rainbow of
colors, textures, ages, shapes, and sizes -- the entire spectrum of beauty.

"The Help" table will boast an array of take-away resources to
enhance everyday living.

Prior to the "Fireworks of Fashion," there will be a quick session, "Fast
Start Toward Fitness."  Participants will warm up, cool down, and then
"throw down," with networking games, fun, festive music, and untold prizes
and surprises!

Although the official colors for "Health, Beauty, & Fashion Expo 2012!" are
pink and purple (pink = breast-cancer awareness; purple = our "royal" status
in God's eyes), there is no official dress code. We suggest comfortable
clothing and shoes. Everyone is welcome.

Tickets are $10 in advance; $13 at the door. For additional information, visit The Hamilton Group's official Web site, www.; click on "News," or e-mail