Papa Didn't Preach: Testimonials

What folks are saying...

This book is the author's loving tribute to her late father. What a memorial it is! I wish every daughter a father like hers, and every father a daughter like Ms. Hamilton.Robert Lamb (author of Atlanta Blues)
Congratulations on the publication of your first book! And, to think! I knew you when! You go, Girl!Marsha Cole
Just got your book, Papa Didn't Preach. My daughters' first, then I'm going to share it with some colleagues here who have daughters!Gene Luna (Director, Student Development and University Housing)
Congratulations!!!!! Vas, I was so surprised when I saw the article in the paper about your book. My Mom saved it for me. Why didn't you clue me in? I always knew you would write a book someday. You just always seemed to have that in you!! Again CONGRATULATIONS!!!!Sheilah Mervin
Congratulations on your wonderful turnout. Another beautiful flower arrangement came for you Saturday. Its on the round table by the front counter waiting for you.Andrew Graves (Happy Bookseller)